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Who is DigiPara? We’re pros, simple as that.

We have been simplifying and speeding up computer-aided elevator and escalator design since 1989. Our DigiPara Liftdesigner software solution has been the industry standard for a long time. Almost all of the major elevator manufacturers around the world work closely with us – and our tools are used to create over 1 million drawings and 3D BIM models every year.

Are we BIM pioneers or BIM visionaries? Clearly, we’re both!

We seized the topic of Building Information Modeling (BIM) very early on and took it further than ever before. Why? Because we identified the tangible added value for our customers right away. Enabling architects, building contractors, and elevator companies to collaborate faster, better and more safely leads to success for everyone!

DigiPara Elevatorarchitect: tailor-made for architects

  • All elevator options and parameters at a glance/on one screen
  • All major elevator brands (TK Elevator, Schindler, and more)
  • All major elevator types (traction elevator, hydraulic elevator, with or without a machine room, etc.)



Expert forecasting: all signs point to BIM

In the future, all the parties involved (architects, engineers, building contractors, authorized inspection agencies, and more) will inspect and work on buildings online. Elevator companies will integrate optimized elevator solutions into their architecture projects and use them throughout every phase of planning. Eventually, this BIM process will also become widespread in the planning processes for residential buildings and, in the medium term, will also be used by small and medium-sized architecture firms to a much greater extent than it is today.

Count on DigiPara to be your partner

Our vision: BIM up your elevator!

Our team: Totally committed to their work.

Our promise: We have the solutions for your needs – and, if not, we’ll develop them.



“I think DigiPara is a brilliant example of customer focus and excellent support. Working with them creates enormous added value for us.”

Peter Fasnacht, Coordinator of Application Engineering, Schindler

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